An absolutely incredible piece!

It's so good to read gaming content on growth. Excited to see more of that.

Nintendo has such a wonderful history from publisher, to retail and now delight (parks!)

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Jul 21, 2023Liked by Jaryd Hermann

This is an incredible article! The growth of Roblox has just been made more exciting by two factors:

1. The announcement of Roblox being released on VR -- they will dominate another platform

2. The new addition of 17+ content

UGC is great for the industry as a whole, it makes up a big part of Roblox and many users have learnt dev tools, coding, and 3D modelling because of Roblox UGC.

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Jul 6, 2023Liked by Jaryd Hermann

Appreciate the breakdown of Roblox across its evolving history!

Question for you: how would Roblox best position itself to not lose power against the emerging ecosystem’s new “platforms” (e.g. Apple’s Vision Pro)? Would love to understand if this is better served from strategic focuses inward or outward (ex: building better in-house vs partnering with Apple)...

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