Canva definitely have a very solid content strategy! I wrote about it here: https://www.howtheygrow.co/p/how-canva-grows

A few others that are killing community and content:


Notion: https://www.howtheygrow.co/p/how-notion-grows

Roblox: https://www.howtheygrow.co/p/how-roblox-grows



Intercom: https://www.howtheygrow.co/p/how-intercom-grows


LEGO: https://www.howtheygrow.co/p/how-lego-grows

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Very useful read - thanks for the effort.

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Very impressive post Jaryd! Thank you for putting all of this together.

I particularly liked the "feature removal" deep dive and the content marketing section.

I recently listened to a Sub Club podcast episode (my favorite pastime and how I curate a lot of insights) where Keya Patel was sharing how they also used non-monetary benefits (like meditation webinars, thank you notes from Andy, etc.) to reward engaged users...Gift cards cost money and don't have the same emotional value!

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Aug 18, 2023Liked by Jaryd Hermann

Hey Jaryd - what a thorough deep dive on Headspace! Could you link to the original article I wrote with Reforge on the topic of unshipping and removing features, thanks! https://www.reforge.com/blog/unshipping-features

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