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So, why do I write this…

My rent and cat food is paid through my full-time job as a product manager (which I love) — and part of being good at that job (surprise surprise) is knowing how to build and grow a product. And the best way to be good at knowing how to grow something, is to spend a lot of time learning from other companies and people that are doing it successfully.

To quote Warren Buffet.

When people tell me the they’ve learned from experience, I tell them the trick is to learn from other people’s experience.

I’ll take that advice — and this newsletter is me sharing the many hours of research I spend on doing that here with you, so you don’t have to. (About 20-30 hours a piece).

At the end of the day, whether it’s a company, your fiddle leaf fig tree, yourself, or the crypto you’re holding (because, WAGMI!)growth is everything.

Highly actionable for founders, product managers, and marketers. Relevant for people in tech.

— Me

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In-depth analyses on the growth of popular companies, including their early strategies, current tactics, and the business-building lessons we can learn from them.


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