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Interested in collaborating? How They Grow partners with incredible tech companies like Shopify, Amplitude, Zendesk, Figma, Attio, Dovetail, CommandBar, Sprig, Sidebar, June, and others.

Through long-form deep dives into a company’s story, strategy, unique advantages, market position, growth drivers, and product, I’m able to share thoughtful, highly informative, and engaging analyses with my audience.

How They Grow is read by over 23,000 senior decision-makers across tech and business. That includes startup founders, product managers, marketers, investors, and leaders in tech all the way through to enterprise and public companies.

My reader base is global, but mostly in main hubs within the US.

I am highly selective of which companies I work with and say no to most inbound requests. If you think my content could be a fit and you’re interested in learning more, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a note at, and I’ll respond over there.

Also, I’ve highlighted my base packages below for context.


A: How “Your Company” Grows edition of the newsletter. You’ll get:

  • A deeply researched and unique 6,000 to 10,000-word deep dive into your business. Your company is the entire focus, and I am able to build deep context around your product. Great for building awareness and bringing a narrative / POV to market.

  • Multiple inline links to your site, blogs, and other resources with thoughtful calls to action.

  • 2x follow-up feature placements (or “ads”) as the main sponsor in other newsletters. Great for lead gen.

This package is currently priced at $5000. 


B: You can book featured placements as the main sponsor. You’ll get:

  • Your logo and name at the top of the email/post.

  • A brief text ad below, with multiple inline links and one primary CTA button

  • Just 1 main sponsor per email.

A single main sponsorship costs $500, or a package of 4 costs $1800. 

If you have any questions or want to get the ball rolling, you can reach me at