My favorite resources


If you ask my wife, she’ll confirm this fact about me: I’m quite picky and particular.

I love trying new things out, but if they don’t work for me, I’m quick to make a decision and move on. If I don’t like a book within a few pages, I’ll just stop reading. If a product isn’t doing it for me, I’ll cancel my subscription.

So—and not that anyone asked for it—I’ve decided to share a bunch of resources that have passed my pickiness. These are the products, sources of information, and books that I trust, and therefore, would highly recommend to you.

My very trusted tech stack:

From my full-time job as a Director of Product, to running this newsletter as a solo entrepreneur, and even the personal apps I use every day, here’s my product stack.

Since the list is longish, and because I can create a nice table with it, I’ve put my stack together in Notion. You can view it here 👇

View my stack

My favorite sources of information:

You are what you eat…that includes the content and info you feed yourself.

So, what do I feed myself to stay up to speed with the stuff I care about in the world?

Here are my very very top picks. If you even start following just one of these, I guarantee you will feel—and become—sharper.

Books I couldn’t recommend enough:

My reading frequency has always fluctuated over the years. Sometimes I read pretty intensely, other times I drop off for a while.

And when I think about what’s always preceded solid bouts of reading, it’s finishing a book that changed me in some way.

So, here are some of those (non-fiction) books:

the bookshelf with (most of) my favorites

And life is too short just to read non-fiction. So, I’m always reading at least a few just for fun books throughout the year. I’d suggest the same—don’t be boring.

Here are a few that I loved: