Deep Dives

In-depth analyses on the growth of popular companies, including their early strategies, current tactics, and the business-building lessons we can learn from them.

The need-to-know primer on the AI industry + a deep dive on OpenAI, their big picture strategy, and their tactics with ChatGPT and Microsoft.
A masterclass in building a consumer product, with concrete lessons on finding a hook, reaching & acquiring customers, and making sure you keep them.
Lessons on kickstarting and scaling a B2B/enterprise business from one of the greatest go-to-market machines of all time.
Lessons on values, thinking big, innovating inside the box, customer-centricity, genius content marketing, and the timeless way of building.
What we can learn about go-to-market motions, product-led growth, icebergs, and content strategy from a $26b consumer design platform.
A primer on the $200b gaming industry, the power of vertical integration, marketing/product lessons from a video game, and how to grow an ecosystem.
What we can learn about solving hard problems, wizards, going deep on problems and moving fast, building products at the right time, and becoming…
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